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Wandi Kurniawan, a writer, said “I became a fugitive from the police”, and entered the forest and explored the Kerinci Seblat National Park (TNKS). At that time there was a problem that required us to explore the Kerinci Seblat forest, we became fugitives from the police, even though we were not guilty of the large demonstration that took place in the South Coastal District, West Sumatra at that time.

The story is set in 2012.

The police will only take all the youths in my village. He would catch us and we would be processed. I wasn’t afraid, because I was innocent, but what I was afraid of was getting hit, anything could happen because at that time the atmosphere was very hot.

The problem was that there were youths in my village who were raided because their motorbikes used racing exhausts. The problem was that the motorbikes were parked in front of the billiards area when they were transported by police officers.

Due to anger, the youth demonstrated a massive demonstration which resulted in the police station being destroyed, motorbikes and electronic equipment all destroyed. None of the police dared to approach. The anger of the residents was not only because of motorbikes, but the many problems and gaps that were carried out by the local police at that time, the demonstration at the beginning was only attended by dozens of people, because many were angry, so many residents took part and throwing stones occurred and broke everything in the office . Until the temporary detainees in the office were able to escape because of the commotion. Hearing stories from friends about the detainee, he was very worried, his face was pale, he said, maybe he thought the detainees of the demonstrators wanted to kill him, because he was arrested at that time for a crash or accident.

This demo takes place at night.

Everything was destroyed at that time, lots of people took part in the demonstration, but the youth in my village started the demonstration, so we were the most wanted targets by the police. The youth in my village were the brains of the big demonstration.

It seems that the police made a phone call to the center about the incident, so that the police flocked down from the center, West Sumatra, looking for youths in my village.

Until morning the police came down to the village looking for all the youth in the village. I could smell this because my distant relative said there would be a major operation on the demonstration.

I ran from the village to hide, it turned out that many young people had migrated out of town and hid. Until that time the village became without youth.

About 1 hour later, I got a call from my mom, saying that the police had just searched all the houses in the village, all the way down to the roof tiles of the house being examined. I hid in the middle of a field where there was a hut, it turned out that there were many people I met on the way, they were people who participated, their names were listed as fugitives at that time, I was worried because I was hiding with the fugitives. At 1:00 p.m., I got food from the relative who delivered it. You said a young man was arrested, they were beaten.

I heard it was very worried. I consulted with my friends to get opinions on where to go next, I gave my opinion, should we just hide in Kerinci? we will skip the kerinci seblat forest, pass the hills and valleys because if we go through the asphalt route we will be arrested, yep we will be arrested, because a young man in the village was arrested, even though he was piled with vegetables behind the car at that time to trick the officers, but unfortunately he was found by the police when examination.

On the way my brother found a young man who was being chased by the police, he was bleeding, his clothes were wet, let’s say his name was M, he said brother, M was being chased while he went alone with his friends. His friend was caught, because the police shot 3 times, maybe my friend was shot, said M, with a face full of fear, occasionally covering the blood on his body. But M was able to run away and dive into the river which was one meter wide, there were so many leeches that he just dived and lay prone to the end of the river, so M’s body was bleeding profusely from the leeches. (his friend was not shot by the police just shot up)

In the end, our friends agreed, but we were all amateurs in exploring the forest, especially when we were faced with the Kerinci Seblat forest, where the Sumatran tiger is the habitat of other wild animals. until we asked Mr. “who was in his 50s at that time, he understood land navigation and he understood the culture of the Kerinci forest because he used to work looking for logs and agarwood in the Kerinci Seblat forest.

After that the three of us will go. Exploring the Kerinci forest which is very challenging and scary. We have prepared goods and food prepared by the gentleman who will guide us during this exploration. All cooking utensils such as noodles, sardines, eggs, hooks are all ready. The maghrib call to prayer reverberated faintly because we were far from the villages. indicating that we are starting to move on.

With doubts we started to walk away from the hut. We walked quickly and quietly, flashlights were chasing us. The thorns that stuck in us just let it go until we could enter the forest that night. The flashlight seemed to no longer be able to chase us, then we promised to meet at point B which we had promised our guide.

Until we met at point B, point B is near the forest but there are still community plantations, it turns out there were 3 other people we met, whether we wanted to or not we said yes to them to come.

Before entering the forest, I remembered an incident in the 80s from my parents’ story. Where many residents were looking for logs and gaharu, many were pounced on by the tiger, some were camping at night and the tiger managed to drag one of them away. There were also those who died from being attacked by tigers but the bodies could still be saved by their group. The danger is that the tigers continue to terrorize until they are scared and leave the corpse alone, but those who have blood ties with this corpse don’t want to leave the corpse, so they tie the corpse with a rope on a tree, they also climb on a tree and tie their body so they can sleep so as not to fall, listen to the story of the tiger terrorizing 24 hours under a tree and also trying to climb, until that person could cut off the tiger’s finger.

Until there was help from the residents and soldiers at that time, the person was greatly traumatized by this horrific incident. There were also students who died via the asphalt road from Bengkulu to Kerinci, as a result of being pounced on by a tiger on a cliff.

Back to the story, we started walking, the Kerinci Seblat forest is a tropical rain forest that is very lush and humid which is very scary. Starting to enter the forest vegetation, pacet or loan sharks danced on the ground and there were so many of them, he kept climbing my legs up to my body, like dancing and then climbing, uiiihh very disgusting and terrible. There were ants that were red on their heads and black on their bodies, where the bite was 2X times more painful than the bite of a wasp sting, my friends and I screamed in pain until the hoops or surili and the birds above our heads ran to hear our screams, all the swearing came out because we endured the pain very deep, like being stabbed by a hot iron. I don’t know what kind of insect, my feet are swollen and bleeding due to fatigue, a gloomy day for me, a long and challenging and very tiring journey.

I want to go crazy in the arms of the Seblat Kerinci Forest at that time. Maybe it’s my first time doing that exploring.

We didn’t carry watches at that time, the way we looked at the clock was, by standing in a place that wasn’t shady because of trees, then one of us stood up straight, the sun would show the direction of our shadows, if the shadows stood up straight it was 12 noon, whereas if it leans a little to the east it indicates 2 o’clock, if in the afternoon the sound of an animal like a katydid is very noisy it will call for the maghrib call to prayer. All of that was taught by our guide. Even we were surprised by him, you can ignite a fire with a glass, convex glass or a magnifying glass, because the magnifying glass will reflect a very sharp light downward, place a dry leaf and then reflect the light from the sun through the magnifying glass, the leaf will emit fire. It was truly an extraordinary experience, a lot of knowledge that I could not get anywhere.

In short, the first week we spent camping near the river’s waterways, because there was a lot of life there, be it edible fish or a place for tigers to drink. I don’t know why I don’t feel that afraid of tigers because the navigation expert has told me, he said actually tigers won’t attack humans if there’s still plenty of food and we don’t talk nonsense or boast in the forest. And we also preserve fish meat, I just found out how to preserve fish meat without a refrigerator or ICE cubes, is to smoke the fish meat over the fire, just smoke it, the meat will last 3 days or a week. Our guide said this was the way our ancestors preserved meat before there were refrigerators. Wow, I am amazed at this knowledge.

This first week I already felt bored in the forest, tired, only the forest that I saw, the gibbons were singing loudly above my head accompanying our journey at that time, pacet seemed to be having a great party enjoying our blood. Because it is not possible every step always waste pacet. The first week of food supplies such as sardines and instant noodles, eggs ran out. It’s time to live with nature and eat from nature, this is real life. Either live or go home live name.

The first week I found lots of deer footprints, until I knew the difference between deer and pig feet, we were also surprised by a group of deer in the middle of the Kerinci Seblat forest at that time. The tiger’s feet adorned our journey at that time, the tracks were still wet.

In the first week we opened a lot of new paths, because there were no paths at that time, of course this forest was very rarely touched by humans. We slashed and opened a path.

Entering the second week we kept walking and sometimes singing along the way so we wouldn’t go crazy in the forest. And always maintain sanity at that. Because in the forest sanity must be maintained, otherwise we will easily have hallucinations, these hallucinations very often happen to people in the forest for days, because the forest is quiet and we rarely talk to humans, we are lucky that we can talk a lot with each other, hallucinations too get lost until you don’t know the way home. In short, I was surprised by an excited hoop or surili not far from where we were, they were very excited and looked down as if he saw something, this gentleman who is an expert in land navigation, said let’s not go far from here, because there are wild animals nearby. I heard that I panicked and then left. After leaving and starting some distance from the incident, I heard the sound of Sumatran tigers fighting again, so I asked the father, how did you know that a tiger was coming, sir? The father said, it was a sign from the time of the ancestors, if you entered the forest.

Until we camped by the river, because we ran out of food but we still had rice, here we fished and looked for edible mushrooms, then we cooked them. Because this expert in land navigation understands which edible plants are poisonous and which are not, so we don’t starve when we are in the forest.

In the morning we kept walking and walking, the sound of the morning birds seemed to give us energy to keep going. The big monkeys saw our steps above. He looked suspicious and made us a little scared. Until we continued walking and passed the river.

In short, in the second week, I don’t know which day I forgot, we seemed to find human-like footprints, short, but wide footprints, toes like humans, the water was still cloudy, a sign that these creatures had just left when we arrived. We thought it was the feet of the pandak people or the people called it ughang pandak. Orang Pandak is a creature that is half human and ape, which has not been uncovered by foreign researchers, and has even been found but was unable to take pictures because he is sensitive and runs fast. Expeditions to find short people have been carried out several times in the Kerinci area, one of which was an expedition funded by the National Geographic Society.

We found these tracks near swamps overgrown with forest zalacca. Forest zalacca thrives in this forest. The fruit tastes good but not as good as salak fruit from the garden.

Listen to stories from the community and according to what I read, ughang pandak are very sensitive and very good at running in the forest, so it is very difficult for humans to find them.

In short, we camp again near the river, we clean and cook, we cook fish again from fishing rods, and leaves that we can make vegetables in the forest.

That day was late afternoon, the fog started to fall along with nature getting darker, the sound of forest insects starting to make noise indicating that it was getting dark. We are here to start to make fireplaces and bonfires. After nature began to darken, only the sound of night sounds in the forest was calming and scary.

Eyes began to drowsy and want to sleep, the fire that had been lit now only burning charcoal. when you want to close your eyes, the stones and pebbles on the river bank are very loud, like they were planted next to our tent. We were surprised, we turned on the flashlight but there was nothing, the flashlight’s light penetrated the falling fog. After that we were going to sleep again, the throwing came again, very loud, and it happened the third time, it seemed like these creatures were not allowed to sleep that night, every time the fire was about to go out the throwing came.

We got goosebumps as if we were silent that night

accompanied by the splashing of water, the sound of night animals, at night typical of the Kerinci Seblat protected forest, the fog starts to cover our viewpoint, imagine how mystical it was that night.

We made a rule, someone had to take care of the fire that night and take turns.

I want to close my eyes, the friend who keeps the fire from entering, he is like a tiger, sometimes he also talks, what are you doing here? We panicked.. In the silence of the forest we called to prayer.. The sound of the call to prayer was very loud, echoing in the middle of this protected forest. We recite the verses of the holy Koran to the rhythm of fear accompanied by the sounds of the forest.

It’s mystical. I just get goosebumps remembering that.

And those who are admitted are aware. And nothing strange happened again, we can sleep for a while.

That morning we sat on a big rock while having coffee and telling stories about that night’s events while laughing to relieve stress that night.

Long story short we started walking again, and got lost we climbed the moss hill, we named the moss hill because there was a lot of moss, it was very high, it took us hours to reach the top.

And in short we got lost again, and found a very beautiful waterfall.. Oh my gosh.. It was very high covered with large boulders, unfortunately I couldn’t take a photo and the cellphone battery ran out one day when I started exploring, at that time.

In short we walked and had time to camp too.

Then we found our way home, in case no one knew land navigation at that time. Maybe we rot in the silence of the Kerinci Seblat forest, maybe it’s just a name, we are amateurs in exploring the forest, our knowledge about nature and edible plants is very minimal.

After going to the residential area, we found people’s fields, here we tell a long story and tell stories about mystical things on the banks of the river, the man said he used to hear stories of people who died on the banks of the river, because someone poisoned fish in the upper reaches of the water, he didn’t know then drinking the water from the river banks and streams where we used to camp, this gentleman understands because he was a hunter in the past.

We were also served coffee by the father’s daughter, when we drank coffee we were surprised how the coffee tasted a bit salty, we looked at each other while sipping the black coffee, no one dared to say the coffee was sour and salty, ekh my friend next door let slip how come the coffee tasted salty and strange.. after tracing the father’s daughter put the wrong sugar, it turns out he put ajinomoto into our coffee. I don’t know whether I’m nervous or the girl’s forgetfulness, I don’t know… we laughed heartily with the father who owns the house, I saw his daughter smile shyly and stole a little glance at us.

This is an unforgettable experience, a very meaningful experience, because of this I like mountains and forests.

A few weeks later, the police invited all the youths and held a banquet, a sign of apologizing to each other for the conflict that had taken place. We felt that the atmosphere had calmed down, then we went home and also spent a few days staying in detail.

Edit: this story has already been published, now is the full version, because it tells how when there was a chase from the police, the old story doesn’t explain it, this story has been posted on many nature lover accounts, I am the original author of the story. Sorry this story is too short, many things or events that I did not include. – he said.

Do you have the same story as Wandi Kurniawan, friend of the pleace?


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