Mode of Pretending to Brawl, Dozens of Vocational High School Students in Palembang Begal Motorists

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image : student brawl mode
image : student brawl mode Members of the Jatanras Sub-Directorate of the Ditreskrimum of the South Sumatra Police have arrested a dozen vocational school students who were involved in the robbery of motorcyclists. The mode they use is pretending to be a brawl.

The arrest of a dozen students followed up on the viral video of the perpetrators’ actions on social media. The police  also confiscated a number of sharp weapons, such as swords, sickles, axes, and two motorbikes that were stolen.

The perpetrators carried out the robbery by sweeping the highway at night. They look for prey and immediately move when they find a passing victim.

Action Uploaded to Social Media

They recorded the action through a cellphone camera and then posted it to Instagram. As a result, the video was reposted by another account owner and went viral.

One of the perpetrators, MI (19) admitted that he had twice carried out thievery with the brawl mode, namely on October 10, 2022 and November 9, 2022. All of them were carried out in the Seberang Ulu area, Palembang.

“Our targets are students too, who pass by are chased and their motorbikes are taken. We have got two motorbikes,” said MI at the South Sumatra Police Headquarters, Thursday (10/11).

Each member has their own role. Some stalked from a distance, hit the victim, kicked his motorbike, and executed the stolen motorbike.

“The victim was not injured because he fled out of fear, while the motorbike was left behind,” he said.

Regarding the video circulating, MI admitted that it was intentionally posted by his group. He argued that his goal was just for fun. “It was intentionally posted, just for fun,” he said.

Perpetrators Threatened 7 Years in Prison

Head of Sub-Directorate III of the South Sumatra Police Ditreskrimum Kompol Agus Prihandinika said the perpetrators were arrested at several locations in Palembang, Thursday (10/11) this morning. The majority are still wearing school uniforms.

“We did an investigation into the video and caught the perpetrators with the characteristics in the video,” he said.

As a result of his actions, the SMK students were threatened with imprisonment for 7 years for violating Article 365 of the Criminal Code regarding theft with violence. To anticipate similar actions, Agus stated that his party will optimize patrols in crime-prone points.


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