Presenting 40 Companies and Educational Institutions, Unpar Career Expo 2022 Open to the Public

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Unpar Career Expo 2022
Unpar Career Expo 2022 – After two years of being held online, Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) is again presenting the Unpar Career Expo 2022 onsite at PPAG Unpar Building, Bandung City, Friday (25/11/2022) and Saturday (26/11/2022) .

Then, participants can take part in employee recruitment at the same location on Sunday (27/11/2022).

For information, the event initiated by the Learning and Career Development Institute (LPKK) Unpar was attended by 40 well-known companies and educational institutions.

The Chairperson of the Unpar Career Expo 2022 Organizer Dewiyani said that the event was not only intended for companies or job seekers, but also opened opportunities for schools and educational institutions that offer opportunities for tertiary graduates who wish to continue their studies, both strata 2 (S2) and stratum 3 (S3).

“We realize that graduates don’t always look for work after graduating from college,” he said in a written statement received by, Friday (18/11/2022).

Through this event, continued Dewiyani, Unpar facilitated graduates and users of graduates to meet and share benefits. He considered that the number of companies involved in the Unpar Career Expo could be considered as bringing benefits to job applicants. Various job vacancies were opened by large companies in Bandung, Jakarta, Kudus, Cirebon and Riau.

“Through these activities, it is hoped that the company can carry out promotions and presentations regarding company profiles as well as carry out more effective and efficient recruitment in order to obtain human resources according to the expected qualifications,” said Dewiyani.

He also hopes that students and graduates who wish to work or do internships, both from Unpar and other institutions, can get to know the participating companies and find out the available job opportunities. “We are targeting at least 50 percent of applicants to be absorbed into the world of work through Unpar Career Expo 2022,” he said.

For your information, Unpar Career Expo 2022 is open to the public and is free of charge. Job applicants can first register online through the Unpar Virtual Job Fair system and can submit application files online via . The documents that need to be prepared by job applicants, namely curriculum vitae (CV), grade transcripts, and recent photographs. For applicants who wish to attend the exhibition, it is enough to show the QR Code obtained when they have registered to the officer at the location.

Participants can wait their turn to enter to limit the number of visitors who enter simultaneously. Job applicants who come are encouraged to continue to implement health protocols by using masks, keeping their distance, and washing their hands before entering the Unpar environment. In addition, participants are also expected to dress politely, neatly, and wear formal shoes. For more information about Unpar Career Expo 2022, you can access the official LPPK website at or the Instagram accounts @unparcareer and @cdc_unpar.


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Presenting 40 Companies and Educational Institutions, Unpar Career Expo 2022 Open to the Public – After two years of being held online, Parahyangan Catholic University (Unpar) is again presenting…

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