How to Get Rid of Red Lines in Microsoft Word Easily and Quickly

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Image : -Are you looking for a way to easily remove red lines in Microsoft Word? Now you don’t need to be confused anymore detikers, see the full tutorial in the following discussion.
For detikers who often do college assignments or office work in Microsoft Word, they often find a red line on every word that has been typed. For some people, this is quite annoying while typing because this red line can spread to almost all words.

Reported by Wincope, actually this red line is one of the superior features of Microsoft Word, namely spell check and grammar check. Its function is to detect word errors and inappropriate wording.

For example, you are writing a sentence and there is one word with a typo, then Microsoft Word will automatically mark a red line on the word with the typo.

However, this feature will be useful if you type in English. If you type in Indonesian, Microsoft Word will automatically detect errors because the words you type don’t match English. So it’s only natural that almost all the words you type have a red line.

Unfortunately, the spell check and grammar check features are also not 100% accurate. Because, there are a number of spelling words that are not detected by Microsoft Word even though you have typed the word correctly so a red line will appear below it.

How to Remove Red Lines in Word
Actually, you can remove red lines in Word by selecting one of the words with a red line, then you right-click until the “Ignore All” option appears. After clicking, the word no longer has a red line under it. But, this method can only be done for one word only. Of course it’s very inconvenient if you have to delete all the words?

Instead of having to bother clicking on every word that has a red line, you can remove all red lines easily and quickly. How to? Check out the tutorial below, friends

How to Remove the First Red Line
– Open Microsoft Word first, make sure it contains a number of words that have a red line underneath.
– Then click “File” in the upper left corner.
– Then drag the cursor downwards until you find “More…” then click it.
– Three options will appear, namely Feedback, Options, and Zip and Share. Since you want to get rid of the red line, select “Options”.
– After clicking it will appear “Word Options” and after that you click “Proofing”.
– If so, you will find the column “When correcting spelling and grammar in Word” at the bottom. So, here are several checked options, to remove the red line you only need to uncheck the “Check spelling as you type” and “Mark grammar errors as you type” options.
– If so, click “OK” at the bottom to save the new settings.
– And tada! After performing the steps above, now the red line in Microsoft Word has disappeared. But if one day you want to activate the feature again, it’s easy, just click the check mark on the check grammar and spelling options. Later the red line will automatically appear again.

Oh yes please, if you still find red lines in Word, especially in words with undetected foreign spelling, you can still get rid of them. It’s also easy, see the steps below.

How to Remove the Second Red Line
– Open Microsoft Word first, make sure it contains a number of words with a red line under it.
– Then click “File” in the upper left corner.
– Then drag the cursor down until you find “More…” then click it.
– Then select “Options” then click it.
– After clicking, “Word Options” will appear and after that you click “Proofing”.
– At the very bottom, an option “Hide spelling errors in this document only” will appear, then click the column on the left until a tick appears.
– If so, click “OK” at the bottom to save the new settings.
– Well, that’s pleace how to get rid of red lines in Microsoft Word easily and quickly. If you’ve followed the tutorial above, it must be very easy isn’t it?

Now, you will no longer be bothered by the red line when you are typing an office assignment or thesis in Microsoft Word. Good luck please!


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