Mystery Surrounds the Death of One Family in Kalideres, Allegedly Due to Not Eating

Oleh pleaceid

THE SCENE OF THE HOUSE WHICH FOUR FAMILY MEMBERS DIED NEARBY, ALL SUGGESTED DUE TO NOT EATING AND DRINKING FOR A LONG TIME. PHOTO SOURCE: SPECIAL – The police found that a family living in Perum Citra, Kalideres, West Jakarta died nearby. This family of four people were found dead in a ‘dried’ condition, only skin and bones remained.

West Jakarta Metro Police Chief, Kombes Pasma Royce, said the identities of the four bodies consisted of RY (71 years), RN (68 years), RY’s daughter with the initials DF (42 years), and brother-in-law, with the initials BG (69). Prior to their discovery, the four bodies were thought to have died three weeks before the authorities broke into their residence.

In the autopsy results at the Kramat Jati Police Hospital, it was suspected that the cause of death for this family was due to acute dehydration. This assumption stems from the lack of food in the stomachs of the four corpses. The victim’s muscles have also shrunk.

Even though there are few results, the examination is still continuing to determine the main cause of death. So far there are no marks of impact blunt or sharp objects. This means that there are no signs that the four victims died as a result of the crime.

“The Kramat Jati Police Hospital is still investigating by examining the liver and other organs to be more specific about the cause of death,” said Kombes Pasma, as quoted by  Antara .

Despite having the same suspected cause of death, the police assume that the time of death of these four people is different. This can be seen from the level of decay of different corpses. The discovery of the bodies is also separate, not in one room. Two bodies were found in one room, one in another, and one in the living room chair.

The discovery of the body of one family originated from a resident’s report. After smelling a bad smell from one of the houses in Perum Citra, the head of the neighborhood unit reported it to the police. Arriving at the location, the police found the house locked. They need to dismantle the iron door, fence, and main door.

Criminal potential is not zero. Because,  according to Kumparan ‘s report   the family’s car was not in the garage. The house’s electricity has also been cut off for the past two months. Unfortunately there is no CCTV installed at the crime scene, thus hampering the police investigation. “We are still asking the existing witnesses. It also includes the contents of conversations from cellphones that may have clues,” added Pasma.

Meanwhile, neighbors near the crime scene stated that the deceased’s family had been living at Perum Citra since 20 years ago. However, while living there, the family tends to be closed and rarely socialize with neighbors.

This is not the first time a family death has occurred in Indonesia. The causes range from accidents to murders. The death of a family in  Kayu Putih , Pulogadung, East Jakarta last March, for example. The alleged death of three adults and an 11-month-old baby was due to an electric leak from a water heater. The four victims were electrocuted.

Meanwhile, the case of the death of a family that was also quite shocking occurred in  Way Kanan . Five members of the family who have been missing for about a year are thought to have been murdered. In October this year, four bodies were found in a saptic tank, one buried in a cassava garden.

Crossing to India, the case of the death of a family mysteriously also happened. Eleven people belonging to the same family were found dead in their homes. Later, the police managed to reveal if it turns out that the family adheres to a certain belief. The tragic story became the topic of a documentary called  House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths  , showing a ritual carried out by one of the family members, in which the nine people died together, by hanging themselves wearing a scarf.


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